TV|December 1, 2010 12:45 am

Sanjeev Kapoor’s Launches the First Food Channel

We have heard and seen 24-hour news channel, music channel, health channel, and culture channel. And now we will see and 24-hour food channel. Yes, that’s true, Sanjeev Kapoor, celebrity chef, is coming up with 24-hour food channel, titled as “FOODFOOD”, which will go on December 10.

Hinglish (Hindi + English) version channel will explore cooking, food and lifestyle with original Indian content. Giving more description about the channel, Sanjeev says,

“I will be anchoring the key drivers of the channel.”

Sanjeev, who is currently busy in shooting  a travel-based show with chefs in Toronto, says,

“We’re broadcasting to the Indian diaspora, so our content focuses on what will excite Indians everywhere.”

Developed in association with Malaysian Astro All Asia Network, and not in association with Zee TV as was earlier reported, Kapoor says,

“I was the one that pitched the idea to Zee, but that was taking too long. But I would not be where I am without them, so I wish them all the best.”

Based on a format of food, currently, Masterchef is coming on Star Plus channel. When asked from Sanjeev, whether his channel based on the same format, the chef replied,

“Their show will wrap up by then,” insists Kapoor. “Besides, their focus is entertainment, ours is food.”

It must be a good news for food lovers and food junkies who love to  eat and prepare different kind of dishes.