TV|April 8, 2010 11:14 pm

Sanjay Dutt Ready to Give ‘Jhadoo ki Jhappis’ on Small Screen

It’s like a trend that Bollywood stars are hitting their magic to the idiot box as well; now, Sanjay Dutt is ready to play his Munnabhai magic on a small screen. The actor has roped to host a TV show, whereby he had been seen giving out his ‘Jadoo Ki Jhappis’ to the contestants on the show.

A source says,

“The actor is in talks with the channel which approached him with three different ideas. All the three ideas revolved around him interacting with the public. Sanjay has particularly liked one of the ideas.”

However, Sanjay’s publicist says,

“Sanjay would love to host a game show which suits his personality. Talks are on with various channels.”

Few years’ back Sanjay had been signed to host a show called ‘Mission Ek Crore in 2001’, but despite heavy promotions, the show never took off.