TV|October 30, 2010 1:33 am

Salman Coming Back With Dus Ka Dum

Remember, a three month ago channel has an acrimonious split with Salman Khan. It seems that Sony Entertainment Channel has realized the Slaman’s value that’s why the channel has asked him to come back for the third edition of the Dus Ka Dum.

Does it mean, Bigg Boss is now heading toward end or Salman is leaving the show? A source says,

“Not at all. Salman doesn’t have a binding contract with them. He can always do Bigg Boss next year again if he wants apart from doing Dus Ka Dum.”

Another buzz is that Salman will now return to the show on his own terms and conditions. Earlier, when Salman had asked for a fee hike for doing the third season of the show, the producers had simply refused to comply. A source continued,

“Considering Salman agreed to a fee cut in the second season, shouldn’t the channel telecasting Dus Ka Dum have given him a fee hike in the third season? Anyway, Dus Ka Dum is very dear to Salman; that was his first show on Indian television.”