TV|August 20, 2010 1:54 am

Raghu is Back on MTV Rodies

How can anybody forget Raghu whosoever watches MTV Rodies? Popularly known as the Rudest Man on Television, Raghu is again back to his favorite show, MTV Rodies. Raghu was always known for being the nasty judge, speaks about the reasons for his sabbatical.

Surprisingly, Raghu was not the part of MTV Rodies Seventh Season, but now he is again returning in the eighth season of the cult show, that was his brainchild when it started in 2003.  He says,

“I had never thought that I would be back with Roadies. But when I came back and the channel asked if I would be part of the new season, I agreed. I will be producing the show in the same capacity and will be making appearances throughout the show as and when required as I have done in the previous seasons. I am happy to be back and getting geared as there is lots of work that needs to be done.”

Raghu is also making his foray in Bollywood with Abbas Tyrewala’s upcoming movie, Jhootha Hi Sahi. Host-turn –actor says,

“This is my first Bollywood film. I hope people will like me and appreciate my work. I am playing John’s (Abraham) friend. And the role is totally different than what people expect from me.

Talking about working with John, he says,

“John is superb. It was great working with him. John made me feel so comfortable and now I am a huge John fan.”

Raghu is also part of Farah Khan’s Tees Maar Khan.