TV|November 16, 2010 12:10 am

Pamela Anderson Entering Bigg Boss!

This season Bigg Boss has come with an idea of bringing guests and wild card entry. After Ali Merchant, one more member is joining Bigg Boss. But this time they are not bringing any Indian celebrity but Baywatch fame, Pamela Anderson in the house this week.

Reportedly, Pamela is charging s. 2.5 crores for Bigg Boss. A channel’s spokesperson says,

“Pamela deserves the money she is getting for her appearance on the show. She’s a major international star. How can her fee, even for three days, be anywhere near what the others are being paid?”

We try to get a gori celebrity every season. We had Jade Goody on Season 2 and Claudia Ciesla in Season 3. Pamela is, of course, far bigger than both.”

Let’s wait till Wednesday  and see what would be the reaction of housemates when they will see this hotbabe in their house.