TV|May 4, 2010 10:11 pm

Moody Salman Khan Refuses To Work in Katrina Based Script

Everyone in the industry knows that Salman Khan is bit moody and it unpredictable what will be his next step, recently Salman refused to go by the script, which was prepared for him.

The script was prepared for a Television awards function, in which Salman was supposed to be interviewed by Vidya Malvade, who was the hosting the show. As per the script Salman needs to stare at Vidya for a few seconds after an offending question on Katrina was asked, and he needs to get up and run away.

He was supposed to return only after a sacred Vidya requested him several times and apologizing him for the mistake. Apparently, producers were using the act to promote the show, but strangely Salman refused to be the part of the scripted act.

Vidya spokesperson confirmed the incident and said,

“It is true that such a script was prepared where Salman was supposed to get offended by Vidya’s question on Katrina but Salman did not want to be a part of it. Salman was his charming jovial self instead and even complimented Vidya on her performance in Chak De India and Striker.”

Vidya was hosting an episode of STAR CINTAA – Superstars Ka Jalwa, a joint initiative by STAR India Pvt. Limited and Cine & TV Artist Association (CINTAA). It is a fund-raising show for which 52 actors have come together to raise funds for needy artists.