TV|June 8, 2010 1:36 am

Contestant’s Father Threatens Anu Malek

Indian Idol, a TV show, where participants, judge, and even participant’s parent show every kind of emotions from angriness to tears, every kind of drama are involved in the show. Recently, father of Indian Idol 5 aspirant Swaroop Khan, Niyaaz Khan called up the Sony Channel to air his concerns. He also threatened the channel of a possible boycott in case he is not allowed to meet Anu Malek.

The story started when Anu Malek called “Swaroop overconfident and high-headed. He didn’t stop at that and also said that there seems to be a complete change in his attitude which is reflecting in his performance as well.”

Swaroop burst out with tears. That made his father furious, and made him very upset. He said,

“The comment was completely uncalled for. I don’t think my son is high-headed or overconfident as indicated by Anuji. He is a humble and diligent boy. I am very disappointed to see Anuji bringing down the morale of the contestants rather than boosting their confidence.”

Meanwhile Anu stood his ground and said,

“My responsibility as a judge is to give a fair and honest opinion. I said what I felt and it is important that the contestants get a fair opinion of where they stand because with such great talent on the show, even small mistakes make all the difference.”