TV|October 5, 2010 1:14 am

Captain, Bunty ‘Chor’ Left Bigg Boss’ House

I was really surprised when the most awaited show, Bigg Boss 4 kicked off on Colors channel, it started with kicking off, Bunty Chor on the first day of the show. Yes, that’s true, Bunty Chor has been asked to leave the house on the first day of Bigg Boss. But did he left or staying as captain? Lets find out!

Well the story is that Salman Khan, host of the show welcomed housemates warmly introduced them. Once inside, inmates were asked to nominate a person that each inmate would like to leave the show on the first itself. Most of inmates voted Bunty Chor! However, another surprise was that Bigg Boss twisted and made him Captain of the house. Now he has been asked to stay in the special room with all facilities, which the others don’t have.

More troubles started when Bunty slept for whole day, which was against the Bigg Boss’ rules and he also fought and abused some of housemates. Then what, Bigg Boss immediately forced to call him in the confession room, which was again refused by Bunty Chor. Then Bigg Boss ordered Bunty to immediately leave the special room, but he started abusing Bigg Boss and behaved very badly on the show. Finally, when it crossed the limit at 11.30 pm in night, Bigg Boss ordered Bunty Chor to leave the house.

Well, as of now, Bunty left the house, but it may possible he may come back as wild entry! Let’s wait for some more days to go and watch out for other surprises. Stay connected with Fillum to receive more updates on Bigg Boss and other shows! 🙂