TV|November 2, 2010 2:15 am

Aamir Coming in Koffee with Karan!

The third season of Koffee with Karan is back again with new list of stars and friends that also include Mr. Perfectionist, Aamir Khan and some unique pairs for the first time. Disclosing the list of stars, friends in his Bollywood, Karan says,

“I had a chat with Aamir. I am trying to have him in this season. I think Aamir has proven his mettle as a filmmaker, actor and as a personality I think we should all be really proud of. Aamir conceptually has said that we would do it but we are yet to figure out a date and a schedule. It would be my honour to interview Aamir Khan.”

“It was a great to have Abhi and Ash, there are my friends only. After their marriage, it’s their first appearance together in a talk show. There were many things that I wanted to know, which I think audience would love to know because they are really one of the royal couple of Bollywood.”

When asked about Shahid and Priyanka together are coming in the show, Karan said,

“There is a media conjecture but I haven’t spoken to them (Shahid and Priyanka). They are great couple on screen. I would say ‘Kaminey’ was a fantastic film and Shahid and Priyanka are big reason for that. I would love to have Shahid and Priyanka together.”

Karan maintains that he wouldn’t take advantage of his personal rapport with the stars to unravel their secrets beyond a certain level.

“I never offend any of my guests. I try to make them feel comfortable as I invite them to my show. Yes, some sequences are revealed, some fun conversation happened but I don’t think anything is offensive,”

“There are new enemies, new lovers and new controversies, so we will talk on that.”

‘Koffee with Karan’ would be aired on Star World after Diwali (November 7).