TV|May 21, 2010 11:51 pm

15-Year Old Boogie Woogie is Back Again

15-year old, dance based reality TV show specifically meant for kids; Boogie Woogie is once again back on television. The TV show is back with a brand new season and children’s championship. The jury members of the show will be same, Javed Jaffery, Naved Jaffery and Ravi Behl but surely they will put new energy in the show.

Performances by earlier participants like actress Neha Marda and Alisha, Prince, Chaitanya, Sudesh, Ishita Panchal, Parul and Kinshuk will rock the evening. And the biggest surprise will come from Javed as he will perform his power-packed performance on the show. This is the first time, Javed will perform a dance on the show over in the last 15 years. Talking about Boogie Woogie, Ajit Thakur, EVP and business head, Sony EntertainmentTelevision, said,

“Boogie Woogie has been an immensely popular show and has had a successful run for 15 years now. It is the first and foremost dance show and has given a platform to people from across India to showcase their talent. Javed, Naved and Ravi will surely bring in their own unique style and energy. Boogie Woogie will rock like never before.”