Actors, Photos|March 26, 2010 3:25 pm

Vivek & Abhishek Swips at Golden Temple

First it was Abhishek Bachchan and then Vivek Oberoi having Punjabi blod likes to visit Golden Temple and give their service to the God.

Abhishek when he was at Amritsar for the shooting of his reality show Bingo, also visited his sister and they both visited the Golden Temple, Abhishek did some kar seva by cleaning up the premise, and washing the dishes at the langar for around an hour and then listened to kirtan.

Amitabh bachchan is really happy seeing his children visiting the temples and giving their services , he says “It is always such a joy to see children putting their minds to faith and devotion. Nothing would give me greater joy and nothing I believe could be better than their achievement in belief and prayer,” Amitabh Bachchans mother who is 67 year old Teji Bachhcan who belonged to a Sikh family, is also happy to see the religious side of her children.

After few days of Abhishek Visiting Golden Temple, Vivek Oberoi also visited the Temple and offered services to the temple, he too did serving at the langar and swiping in the temple, he also offered prayers to God on behalf of Him, his Family, Friends and his Fans too.

Vivek felt the presence of his Grand Mother when he was in the Temple offering prayers, he recollected all his childhood memories, how he useto come to the temple and take the prashad from his Grand Mother, how he learnt prayers from his Grand Mother, and how he is blessed by his Grandmom and that is why he is what he is today.