Actors, Photos|February 27, 2010 1:44 am

Shahid goes for spiritual search before starting his father’s Mausam

After a hectic work schedule and finishing all his assignments on January 21, Shahid Kapoor all of sudden flew to in the hills to visit his father Pankaj Kapoor’s spiritual guru.

Now he is back and again ready for work with new energy and enthusiasm and talks about his new project Mausam with his father Pankaj Kapoor  He states that this year, he will be doing only one film that is his father’s Mausam. This time, Shahid will not only be doing acting but also helping his father as a technician, spotboy, whatever he can do for the project.

While working with his father, Shahid has desire to learn everything in every department from cinematography, choreography to direction. He states that he has learnt a lot about acting from his dad and now he wants to learn more from him. While sharing one of his fears doing acting in front his father, Shahid states,

“I remember this one time when we were shooting for ‘Jab We Met’ near Khandala. Dad dropped in and was watching me on the monitor. And I just couldn’t give my shot! I actually had to tell my dad to leave. I tactfully told him to proceed, and I’d join him for lunch. He immediately understood. And my next shot was okay.”

Currently, Shahid doesn’t want to disclose about his character in the movie, he only stated that he is playing an air force pilot for that he needs to be trained as a pilot and learn how to fly a plan at a military academy.