Actors, Actresses, Photos|March 28, 2010 1:10 pm

Kareena Loses Madhubala’s Role

This was an opportunity for Kareena to paly the role of such a tallented and great actress Madhubala,

But it was her bad luck that they didnt approchec her first even though she was their first and last choice for the role,

The Reason is that they got Ranbir Kapoor for Kishore Kumar’s role, and because he is borother of Kareena, they can not be paird as a romantic couple in any movie.

Its a UTV and Anurag Basu’s next biopic fillum, UTV who had Shoojit Sircar as director for the movie who wanted Kareena to do the fillum but the Lead was actor was not finalized, infect they couldn’t get whom they wanted, First they had approached Amir Khan, but he was not convinced with some parts of the movie and so he refused to work, after this UTV moved on to another Khan, next khan approached was the King, Shahrukh Khan, but even he couldn’t accept the fillum because some reasons.

But when Anurag Basu took the movie in his hands, without any problems he finalized Ranbir Kapoor as the Lead actor, and because of this, Kareen was out of the movie.

Now we have to see who will be on the place of Kareena, Wish Madhuri who has always been compared with Madhubala could do the role, but she will be too old for Ranbir… nai ?