Actresses, Photos|March 25, 2010 6:59 pm

Divya Dutta Moves To Hollywood

After showing her tallent on Indian Television, Bollywood Movie & as an Anchor at National Awards Function Divya Dutta has now moved to Hollywood. after seing her brilient performance in movies like Delhi 6, Morning Walk , Welcome to Sajjanpur, Directer Jennifer Lynch has selected Divya for her upcoming movie Hisss.

The fillum is being shot in the kerela jungles and some parts of India, Divya finds her role very interesting and challenging, she really likes her role, Irrfan Khan another Bollywood tallented star is working with Divya in Hisss, Divya plays Irrfan’s love interest in the movie, her character is shown as a very sensitive girl. as an actor she has a lot to perform in the character she has been given. the film is about a snakewoman who can transform herself into a human being at will. and the lead Mallika Sherawat is playing the snakewomen character.

Divyas other Hollywood and Bollywood projects lined up are :

Director Fred Holmes who is Emmy winner is making “Heart Land” with Divya.

its a light movie  in which Divya is playing a simple Punjabi girl who has a relationship with a much older man from US, here again she has a sensitive character, she is very impressed with the Hollywood actors and the working style. she says they are extremely passionate and disciplined about work everyone from junior lever to the director is so involved that we have no choice but to give our best, “Heart Land” also has Amelia Jackson Gray, Stephan Mario Singh & Reg Grant.

The impressed Divya has taken another Hollywood fillum but she could not give any information about it because she is bound to the contract.

Her Bollywood Basket is full of  her upcoming movies Hello Darling, Haat – The Weekly Bazaar, Chehere & Stanley Ka Dabba.

She has also hosted the National Award Function in front of Pratibha Patil the President which was a prestigious moment for he.

As she is moving from Television to Bollywood to Hollywood she says that “Creative freedom on television is very limited and I get bored very easily. It doesn’t interest me any more,”  and that is why she doesn’t want to get back to Television at all.