Actors|March 24, 2010 3:15 pm

Vivek Oberoi Talks about His Belief in God & His Family

Vivek Oberoi being a Punjabi guy is very much attached to Golden Temple, Whenever he is in Delhi he never misses to go to the Temple and give his prayers to the god.

Golden temple also has many devotees coming to the temple, offering prayers, one of them is Vivke Oberoi and his family too. yesterday he started his day with a visit to Golden Temple by doing langar seva, feeding the devotees, serving them, washing some vessels.. yes he washed vassels, Vivek dont find anythihg bad in being an actor and washing vassels, its just a way of helping and giving what he can as a human to other humanbeing, he feels doing these things at the temple teaches you humility and the value of serving others.

After offering services he went to the Darbar Sahib and did prayer for his family, friends and all his fans, Vivek got aq chance which he feels is the honour of carrying the Palki Sahib, he felt the Divinity running through his body .

Also at night he visited the temple again, he felt deeply divine and very special. He says, “My Grandmother was a very strong and proud sikhni and she taught me about my sikh heritage and culture. She was the person I was closest to in the whole world-a major influence on my life and my values”

He recollects his teeny days whey every Sunday he use to meet his Grandmother and took her to Gurudwara and learnt the prayers, he also feels happy about his Grand mom felt proud and put a huge smile on her face that Vivek learnt these things from her, and as a gift he would get his favorite which he still loves “Kada Prashad” and the “Langar Food” specially Black Daal in that.

Vivek misses his Grand mom alot and wishes she had lived long enough to see him becoming an actor, He feels that he is what he is becasue of his grand mom’s blessings, he feels that she watches over him from heaven, he felt her presence with him while he was praying keeping the tredition of his family alive, offering services selflessly and felt her smiling with pride at him.He miss her ,but he know that she is with always.

Remembering his Grand Mom he ends saying, “Good deed I do, because it is her teachings and values that make me who I am today, her spirit, goodness and faith will live within me for as long as I live”.