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Akshay Oberoi

Akshay Oberoi the Punjabi boy born on 1 January 1985 is an Indian actor of Bollywood who studied Theater Art and Economics at The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, and also received a Bachelor of Arts.

Akshay also opted for acting training in Stella Adler in New York City, after that he went to Los Angeles ‘Playhouse West’ to learn the Meisner technique. he also studied acting under Sean Astin from Lord of the Rings and his father John Astin from The Addams Family. Akshay has also learnt ballet, jazz and hip-hop dance at Broadway Dance Center.

Akshay Oberoi has always dremt of becoming a successful actor in Bollywood Industry, after rerturning to India Akshay did plays at Prithvi Theatre and also received training from Kishore Nameet Kapoor,

Akshay Oberoi acted in the film ‘American Chai’ for the first time in 2002, his debut in is called Rajshri Productions film ‘Isi Life Mein’ which released in December 2010.

Isi Life Main didnt work well on tbe box office but Akshay’s acting was appreciated by everyone,

Taran Adarsh said,

The only noteworthy aspect of the film is its lead pair. Akshay Oberoi is talented – no two opinions on that. He has good screen presence, but most importantly, he acts very well.

Prathna Tiwari said,

The newcomers definitely are off to a good start. In particular Akshay Oberoi who has great screen presence, delivers his dialogues confidently and also proves to be eye candy for the ladies.

And Sarita Tanwar said,

Newcomer Akshay Oberoi is confident and delivers.

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