Movies|April 30, 2010 1:27 am

SRK Discloses Ra1’s Meaning

After Abhishek-Aishwarya starrer Raavan, Shahrukh is ready with another version of Ra1. Shahrukh is once again back after his busy schedule from IPL matches. Though both the flicks sound similar but their plots are entirely different from each other.

Mani’s Abhi-Ash starrer is a modern-day adaptation of the mythological epic Ramayan,, while SRK’s Ra1 is a highly stylish film with a lot of gizmos and gadgets. Shahrukh is playing a super-hero kind of character in the film. Explaining the meaning of Ra1, Shahrukh tweets,

“Ra.1 means randon access version one, will understand when u see the film. Ra.1 site will be up soon/have no film with Kajol or Yashji right now/don’t dance too well, I just try hard/I am the hero in Ra.1.”

Shahrukh is not only playing lead role but also managing every aspects of the movie, after Bobby Chawla’s hospitalization and he decided to lead from the front to ensure that everything is quickly put back on track. Shahrukh admits that managing the film is difficult for him, as he tweets

“Yes…wish Bobby my friend gets well sooner than soon. He is still in the hospital & the film is so difficult in terms of production.”

King Khan, SRK is mainly taking care of four jobs: calling up every actor of Ra.1, coordinating with their dates, discussing their remuneration, making sure that they get their payments on time and talking to technicians (including those coming from abroad) for every single production detail, including the special effects involved in the film.