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Raavan Movie Review

Beera… that’s the name popping up on almost everyone’s mouth.. the songs are being played everywhere… Raavan is almost everywhere, be it news channels, radio, tv ads, newspapers, blogs, social networks..  BUT you might ask, is the movie worth all the hype? Well.. let’s check it out..

The story of the movie is based on the characters of Ramayana, Beera (Abhishek Bachchan) – leader of a tribal army – kidnaps Radhika (Aishwarya Rai), wife of a top police official, Dev (Vikram). Now, Dev is on the hunt for Beera and the whole movie revolves around this..

The movie had a very shaky start in my opinion.. bad introduction of characters mixed of some really bad GFX.. instead of focusing more on the characters I felt, the focus was more on the cosmetics and experimenting with different camera angles.. no doubt the cinematography was top notch.. but what’s the point when there is no strong script to run along with it.. Many of the scenes in the movie reminded of Ram Gopal Varma, I somehow found the style very much similar to him..

I found, Beera’s character somewhat inspired by Gollum’s character from Lord of the Rings.. (The guy who speaks with himself), he actually tried to look dangerous with his  Beera act but he ended up being funny as the same act was repeated so many times and at unnecessary scenes..

At some point, you feel, the movie has started getting on it’s feet and then you realize that, a new love story has just started taking its shape..

I was actually having very high hopes for this movie but like other over hyped movies, this one too turned my expectations down..

On the acting front the lead characters played their roles well, yeah, Beera was over the top many times but rest of the characters did their job very well, specially south Indian actors, Vikram and Priyamani. Ravi Kishan was good but somewhere I felt that, no justice was given to his character. Same applies to Govinda’s character, his character could have been explored so well but they made him look like a funny joker, but he did his role quite well.

The music and background score was A grade no doubts about that.

The editing of the movie was very poor, they kept dragging many scenes for quite sometime, e.g. the first song on Beera and Radhika. Even the end of the movie was too stretched. At 2-3 insistence I felt, the movie is about to end but it did not, few people even left the theater thinking it’s over..

Though, no doubt the brilliantly shot action sequence in the end but too much drama killed the movie.

So, overall, I would rate this movie

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

 A big let down from director like Mani Ratnam..