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Peepli Live Movie Review

So, now, every kid knows who is Nattha and who is Nani.. they even know that Nani’s words are very sharp.. Thanks to Amir Khan and his excellent marketing team.. He is sheer genius, always ready with new marketing ideas for his films. The crowd I saw today in the theater was more of movies like Housefull and Welcome.. I don’t think anyone would have watched this movie if there was no Amir Khan label on it.

So, let’s talk about the movie..

As seen in the trailers, the movie is about a guy called Natha who gets to know that by committing suicide his family will get Rs. 1 lakh from the government and they will be able to repay their debt. But in this process, his interview gets printed in a local newspapers and the same story spreads all over India at a lightening speed and there it takes political color.

The movie basically tries to show how media is crazy about the TRP, how politicians are crazy about their votes but no one is trying to understand the actual issue, no one is trying to understand why there is still high number of farmer suicides, no one is trying to understand why the government is not doing anything for the farmers.

The movie tried to show everything in a much lighter way. And in fact that was a good idea, at least people will understand the fact with some laughter around.

The movie was actually very good in the first half (Including some of the very hilarious scenes), but like many other movies, 2nd half was the culprit. I never realized when 1st half got over but in the 2nd half, I was more interested in the movie touching the finishing line than wait for the next scene to happen. The 2nd half kept showing what we had seen in the first half’s last few minutes. Same things were getting repeated in different times.

I think they could have chopped of some of the scenes in the 2nd half..specially some of the political stuff.

The movie was well directed but some of the very important scenes were looking lifeless… (I won’t be able to give examples here as it will spoil the mood of the movie, but all these scenes are in 2nd half). There was also some senseless stuff going on towards the end of 2nd half, but we never know, all these things might be actually happening too.

On the acting front, Omkar Das Manikpuri as Natha was good. Raghubir Yadav was good as usual. But I really liked Shalini Vatsa – playing role of Natha’s wife – Farookh Zafar as Amma was good but way too overblown character. Definitely not worth the hype.

The music of the film was awesome, Yeah, I am hardcore Indian Ocean fan and they rocked.. Mehngai Dayan Dayan was another original song (Apart from 2 by Indian Ocean), but sadly it was also over hyped, it’s a good song but so much hype around it doesn’t make any sense.

So, overall, the movie was good, nothing great, but I think due to superb marketing activities, the movie should do well on the box office.

I would rate this movie

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

, sorry guys it didn’t click well for me.