Reviews|October 23, 2010 3:03 am

Jhootha Hi Sahi Movie Review

From the trailers of the movie, it looked more like an Indian version of popular television series Friends. A bunch of friends, all of them fond of each other, they have dinners together frequently, they care about each other all the time, they all have very modern thinking and obviously there is some kind of love triangle or square somewhere. This is the basic recipe of a “cute” movie. Once you have all these things, the movie makers will expect every college teen to watch this movie, dream of becoming like the lead actor or actress, pick some so called funny odd words from  the movie and use it in the real life and they will even expect the teenagers to dream of having such a “kewl” group of friends. Sadly, these things work very well with the Indian teens, they get inspired by these kind of movies.

So, coming back to the movie. It’s’ not actually Indian version of Friends but they were surely trying hard to make this movie another cool thing, just like friends. The movie starts with Siddharth (John Abraham) getting calls from people trying to commit suicide. Later he realizes that, his phone number was printed by mistake on the suicide helpline’s brochure. Siddharth agrees to volunteer for them and help out people. One such night, he gets call from a female, Mishka (Pakhi) who is trying to commit suicide. He manages to calm her down and soon they end up becoming good phone friends. One day, they end up meeting in real life, BUT Mishka is not aware that Siddharth is the guy who is her phone friend. (He had never mentioned the name over the phone). They both start liking each other but Siddharth is still living 2 lives, phone friend and then real life friend. So, now you need to find out what happens when Mishka finds out the truth about Siddharth.

The movie had some very funny moments (Specially in the first half), the movie also had some very boring stale moments, the scenes where we always tell our self “We have seen this zillions of times, show me something else”. So, it was kind of a mixed bag. The movie had some logical loopholes too. For example, Mishka and Siddharth were very good friends but she didn’t have his phone number for quite sometime. Even after spending so much time with Siddharth, Mishka could never make out that, the guy she is talking over the phone is same. (Is it so difficult to recognize the voice?) Some more few silly loopholes, specially the ones related to the climax of the movie.

Apart from these, there were many unwanted scenes too. For e.g. Mishka’s ex-boyfriend’s character was unnecessarily stretched. The main culprit of the movie was, the 2nd half, it was very much stretched with typical and silly climax. One thing I will never understand that, why all these movie makers wants to patch everything in the end and make things equal. If there is a group of friends, everyone should get hooked up and if they don’t, the movie is not complete. It sounds very silly to me.

On the acting front, John was pretty good. Pakhi was very impressive but in many scenes she looked bit older. I have no idea about logic behind showing Raghu Ram’s character as Pakistani, his accent was not at all like a Pakistani guy. But he did his job very well. The other characters were pretty much good. Alishka Varde’s character as Aliya was pretty good, she was looking very beautiful too. (Yeah, they messed up with her makeup majorly in the party scenes)  Also, everyone in the movie were calling Krutika (Mansi Scott) very beautiful, she looked funny to me rather than beautiful.  On the music front, I am sorry but this time A. R. Rahman did not manage to impress me.

So, to sum it up, the movie was pretty much okay, nothing great, you can definitely skip it and wait for the TV release. I would rate this movie

Rating: ★★☆☆☆