Reviews|October 22, 2010 6:22 pm

Hisss Movie Review

If you ever hear Mallika Sherawat associated with the term “acting” you should take it as a warning message and try to stay as much away as you can. But sadly, I cannot do that, I have this bad habit of reviewing all the movies and save your money. And my save money brigade continues with this movie too.

First, some portion of media tried to generate hype around the movie but sadly the movie got delayed many times and finally the movie is out. The movie had a big tag of so called “international project” on it. From the start itself, I knew, this is not gonna work and it’s going to be another dud on the name of international project.

The movie is based on age old formula of Nag and Nagin. An American guy suffering from cancer is looking out for Nag Mani from female nagin (Python) – so he can have that Mani and then he will live forever -. He find the best way to grab will be the time of mating. He manages to catch male and female python mating but he could get hold of only male python.

So, this guy decides to keep the male python so female python comes searching for him to his so called lab. But this female python ends up becoming a snake woman. She lies around naked in the jungle then she kills few people on the street. Then she again gets naked and shows some kind of weird pole dance to us by climbing on the street lamp post. (Yeah, she was naked this time too).

So, after, all these things, she finally manages to find the American guy and her male python. And guess what? We have another soft porn scene, but this time, it was between the snake and a woman. But, the American bad guy was waiting for this opportunity so he can use his so called lab and “high tech” funny costume (So, python cannot see him). And everyone knows what will happen the next..

BTW, there was one more back story of a copy and his wife in between. That story was anyways useless, so I don’t want to waste you time in mentioning it here.

So, the review time.. haha.. I am sorry but there is absolutely nothing good in the movie. From the start to the end, not even a single thing worth mentioning. The main culprit of the movie was story. The movie was said to be written by a foreign national Jennifer Lynch. It was basically half baked story very much inspired from old Indian python based movies. Absolutely nothing new. Apart from writing the story (Which was already a mess), she got into another mess by directing the movie too. Very shady direction along with the bad, really bad editing. The movie looked more like a collection of scenes shots at a different time. The GFX work was pretty bad too. The snake woman looked more like a cartoon character. (Specially in the fight sequences)

I think, I should not waste more time in this review and movie. To sum it up, the movie was pretty much pathetic and it definitely does not deserve any stars. No stars for Mallika Sherawat starrer semi porn snake woman movie.