Reviews|November 6, 2010 3:05 am

Action Replayy Movie Review

From the trailers, the movie looked like a fun to watch. But who knew that it will be such a pathetic movie to watch. I was actually counting on this movie than Golmaal 3 but these guys managed to wash away all my hopes. But now, since I have already told you that it’s a pathetic movie, let me also give you some idea about the movie and its characters.

The story is about Bunty (Aditya Roy Kapoor) who is not happy with his parents (Kishen – Akshay Kumar & Mala – Aishwarya Rai) fighting all the time. He decides to travel back in the past with the help of his girlfriend’s grandfather (Bob Sinha – Randhir Kapoor) and change the past to make the future perfect. So, basically he goes back to 1975, when his father and mother were young. He makes his father a cool dude so he can impress his mother Mala and then they can get married.

Yes, as you can see, there is absolutely nothing wrong in the plot but the actual problem is with the implementation. Logically, when a person wants to correct the present, he will go back to the past, find out the mistakes and correct those mistakes to make the future perfect. But in this case, instead of finding out the actual cause of the parents’ bad marriage, he changes the whole past. Another silly thing was, when Bunty travels via Time Machine, Bob / Bunty did not know how to travel back to the present but somehow Bunty finds Bob in the past and easily finds the way to travel back to the present.

Other logical loopholes were like, when Bunty travelled to the past, no one actually bothered to ask him who actually was he. He simply introduces to Kishen & Mala and becomes their best friend. It seriously does not sound real to me. There were many such loopholes in the movie but if I do not want to waste your time in discussing those loopholes.

Thankfully, the movie did not looked like a dragged one but since it had too many loopholes, I was actually yawning and wanted the movie to end. There were few songs added unnecessarily, the music was pretty much bad so I could not enjoy those songs too.

On the acting front, Akshay Kumar was over the top in many scenes, Aishwarya looked gorgeous but nothing great on the acting front. Aditya Roy Kapoor just had to act like a cute guy who loved his parents the most, in short, he did not have much to act. Ranvijay Singh was wasted and ditto for Rajpal Yadav.

Pathetic direction and screenplay. I guess, this movie’s script was written when the script writer was in really bad mood or he just wanted to take the revenge from the movie makers haha.

So, overall, the movie was pathetic, you should stay away from it. I would rate this movie

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆