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Aashayein Movie Review

This movie was supposed to release 2 years back. (Somewhere in Sep 2008) but due to some unknown reasons it got delayed. To be frank, I am not fan of watching delayed movies and this one was no exception. I wasn’t expecting anything at all from the movie but I had to write the review, so there was no one other option. Afterall, I have a big responsibility on my head.. i.e. saving your money.. haha

Okay, so back to the movie.

The movie is about Rahul (John Abraham) – who is a gambler by profession – who wins 3 crores in a cricket betting and decided to marry his long time girlfriend Nafisa (Sonal Sehgal). But the very next day, he gets to know that, he is diagnosed with lung cancer. (Which is basically result of his heavy smoking)

The movie is not about what he does after he knows about it, nor it’s about his relationship with his girlfriend. But the movie is about how Rahul lives his life after that.

The guy who parties and enjoys rich lifestyle, decided to live rest of his life alone in a Hospice and tries to find the meaning of his life. He meets many different kind of people there and learns a new lesson of life from each of them.

What I really liked about the movie was, the cancer part was just till the first 10 minutes the rest of the movie was about Rahul and how he lives his life. The movie, gladly, was not like any other sad movies. Yes, this was a sad one too, it did not have any scenes which will make you laugh. But yea, it surely had some scenes which might leave tears in your eyes. (Specially the last scene involving Partha Uncle (Girish Karnad) or few scenes with Padma (Anaitha Nair) or even with the kid Govinda (Ashwin Chitale))

Apart from many good things, the movie has it’s drawbacks too. The music wasn’t great. (Song featuring Shreyas Talpade was overdone) Some of the scenes towards the end were looked artificial. Actually, last 15 minutes of the movie was kind of overdone. The director tried to show the state of mind of a person who is in last stage but it did not help to convey the emotions of the character. There was few odd scenes which raised questions in the mind of everyone. (e.g. The scene when Rahul stops smoking)

On the acting front, John Abraham was the best. Anaitha Nair was impressive too.(We had seen her last time in Chak De India) But the one who steals the heart is, the kid, Ashwin Chitale. This kid had an impressive role in Marathi movie called Shwaas (The movie was very good too). Way to go Ashwin. Other than these character, Girish Karnad and Farida Jalal were good, miss them both, specially Girish Karnad. Sonal Sehgal had nothing much to do but she did her role well.

Loved the cinematography, the place where Hospice was located was amazing place. The script and direction was great leaving last few minutes aside.

But overall, if you see the whole movie, it was good, not bad at all. Obviously, due to the sad theme, the movie won’t be liked by everyone. But according to me, it’s something which you need to watch at least once. This will prove to be a good watch for the smokers though. No it’s not scary at all, it won’t help them to leave smoking but it will atleast make them understand the importance of their life.

So, to sum it up,it was a good movie, not necessarily to be watched only in theater but like I said earlier, you should watch it atleast one. And yea, be prepared for some bizarre scenes.

I would rate this movie

Rating: ★★★☆☆