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Raajneeti a Powerful story written, Directed & Produced by Prakash Jha is going to change the box office records, the movie has a storng starcast too ,Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Ajay Devgan and Arjun Rampal, Naseeruddin Shah, Manoj Bajpai, Sarah Thompson are the important characters in the movie apart from these Darshan Jariwala, Chetan Pandit, Shruti Seth, Kiran Karmarkar & Daya Shankar Pandey are the other characters in the movie.

The whole movie is shot in Bhopal, its based on Indian Politics, it also has the story of people who are highly ambititios to get their place in politics and rule everyone, its a story about the poeple who knows what is power of being on the seat and how tackle it.

Samar Pratab[Ranbir Kapoor] the youngest of all in the film is going to show a new side of him as he has never played such serious character with such high ambition, he is a guy who gets in to politics to protect his family and in this fight how his morals and values goes down because of indian Politics.

Sooraj [Ajay Devgan] who has already played roles of being a leader is at ease because he has good experience of such character, his character in the movie is of a guy from backward class who has a great leadership quality with the passion to stand first, he gets in to politics because of the tragedies of his life that trapes him since the day he is born to the young age when he is betrayed by his close friend, Brij Gopal[Nana Patekar] is the leader whom Sooraj follows and gets in to politics.

Veerenda Pratap [Manoj Bajpai] a talented actor of the fillum idustry has a character of a man who knows that he is born and has the power to rule the world and that is the only thing that makes him go towards politics and not stop by any means to succed .

Bhaskar Sanyal [Naseeruddin Shah] is astrong man who has the ablity to handle the world single handed, he is also a successful and respected political fighte, but his destiny shakes him and his career up, his one mistake shakes him and others get a chance to enter in politics and take his place, this makes him concious and think about how to save his career in politics.

Prithvi Pratap [Arjun Rampal] plays a character who is very impatient person to get a top position anywhere he goes, and because of his one good quality that he is a great human being brings him near politics and he gets more and more in to political games.

Sarah Jean Collins [Sarah Thompson] who comes out of a most tragic life where she had seen violent and is hurt by seeing such worst human side finds a soul mate whos story is almost same as her, they share their pain, falls in love but because of some reasons gets apart and her life gets in to political games.

Sakseria [Katrina Kaif] plays a character of a Princess who is very arrogant and passionat about her career that she never care about other things, she gets in to politics but because of her arrogance and mistakes she breaks down and her career moves her personal life too, but becuse of her positive attitude for her career she doesnt stop and continue to fight for her success.

The whole stor of the movie is about Election Campaigns, currupted politics, currupted people, the game of power, the game of how they make the use of the power they have and in the end it increases violence, because of some people and their pashion otherssuffer, how the heroes becomes the real time politicians because of their passions and personal life tragidies.

Raajneeti is all about Indian democracy. the inside of politics and even beyond that .

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