Previews|April 15, 2012 9:54 am

The Coal Mafiaa Movie Preview

Cast:Ankit Nigotya,Pooja Narang, Durjan Singh, Amit Dokania, Mukesh Khanna, Mukesh Tiwari, Yashpal Sharma, Shakti Kapoor, Avtar Gill, Sudesh Berry, Himani Shivpuri, Arun Bakshi, Gargi Patel, Girija Shankar, Krishna Patel and Aryan Vaid.
Director: Ajay Kashyap
Producer:Vishal Gupta and Amit Singh Rathod
Banner:Koyal Entertainment
Music:Palas Choudhary-Santosh

Plot:The Coal Mafiaa – The Return of the Angry Young Man is the story of the rise of an ordinary young man against unjust mafias who have been terrorizing the people of Jharia, Dhanbad. The coal thugs, Rajdev Singh (Mukesh Tiwari) and Zabbar Khan (Yashpal Sharma), have managed to develop a strong foothold in the district and exploit its residents. Nobody dares to raise their voice against the ongoing injustice for the fear of being tortured and subjected to unnecessary troubles.

S.P. Sinha (Mukesh Khanna), an honest, fearless and brave police official takes up the daunting task to put an end to the mafia rule. He fights tooth and nail with the corrupt officials and the mafias but in an unseen turn of event gets shot at the hands of the mafia. But Shiva (Ankit Nigotiya), a young and educated boy from Jharia, manages to save the police official’s life in time.

Shiva, whose father (Avtar Gill) had been handicapped as the result of a blast carried out by the mafias several years ago, was already bitter against the mafias. After saving Sinha’s life, he decides to join the police with the intention to put the coal mafias, Rajdev Singh and Zabbar Khan, behind bars. In this mission of his, Shiva is also assisted by S.P.Rathore (Durjan Singh)

But will the ordinary village boy Shiva manage to succeed in his task or will the mafias overpower him and continue their terror?