Previews|August 11, 2012 2:12 pm

Second Marriage Dot Com Movie Preview

Cast-Mohit Chauhan, Vishal Nayak, Charu Rohtagi, Sayani Gupta
strong>Director- Gaurav Panjwani
Producer- Vinod Mehta
Story- Dinkar Sharma
Editor-A. Muthu

Plot- The film kicks off when Akshay, young IT professional from Delhi; only child of a single parent Suneel Narang embarks on a journey to get his father, a widower; married so to finally put an end to his prolonged loneliness. Coincidentally in Jaipur, a vibrant young girl Poonam is on the same hunt to find a partner for her mother, Shoma; whom she’s seen as a divorcee since childhood. They get in touch with each other through a matrimonial website named ‘’ and after initial denial of the idea by their parents they finally sail through and get they married.
Release Date- August 2012