Previews|May 17, 2010 11:25 pm

Kushti: The First Preview

No doubt, Rajpal Yadav is a talented actor and everybody knows he has perfect comedy timing, but if he gets, loose script like Kushti, nobody can blame him for his acting skills. Rajpal Yadav and Khali starrer, Kushti is about a thin, post master, named Chander (played by Rajpal Yadav) who fall in love with the local’s wrestler’s daughter, named Laadli (played by Nargis). But problem is that her father, Avtar Singh (played by Sharat Saxena) has made a condition, if needs approval, he has to first prove his prowess by wrestling with the seven-and-a-half feet tall The Great Khali.

The movie is also about rivals Avtar Singh (played by Sharat Saxena) and Jiten Singh (played by Om Puri) try to beat each other in the wrestling match and gain the trusteeship of the village. The love story between Rajpal Yadav and Nargis is focal point of Kushti, but it is non-happening and therefore, the chemistry between two of them is non-existent.

Kushti has a watchable start and a fairly exciting duel in the end, but the (approx.) 1.40 hours in between play the spoilsport. Rajpal Yadav is receiving typecast roles, but still he tried to prove himself. Whereas, Nargis did get the scope in the movie. Om Puri and Sharat Saxena enact their parts well.

The direction of the movie, by T.K. Rajeev Kumar, is just like the script of the movie, absolutely non-effective. In-fact, there is hardly anything in the movie, which can hold the interest. Neither does the love story work, nor do the light moments bring a smile on your face.

On the whole, Kushti is a poor show.

Cast: Rajpal Yadav, Om Puri, Sharat Saxena, Khali

Direction: TK Rajeev Kumar