Previews|April 28, 2010 1:27 am

Bird Idol: The First Preview

After My Friend Ganesha,  and many other animated movies, the trend of animated movies has been improved in India. Bird Idol takes the Indian animation into new heights, which brings the concept of typical masala movies into animated movies.

Bird Idol is about Mumbai-based bird, Hummy, who enters in a reality show called Bird Idol and becomes a rock star with his band. Instead of tweeting like other birds, he prefers to sing human pop music. But as usual, fame is always comes with problems, as his parents’ past creeps up in the form of the evil vulture Dhamki, thirsting for revenge….

Like a typical Bollywood Masala movie, Hummy manages to save his parents from vulture’s claws and loves his girl friend, Surili. The movie has portrayed the life of common man into the lives of birds as well. They pay 50 worms like a rent to stay in Mumbai.

Interesting part is the movie is songs, which are sung by Shaan, Neeraj Sridhar….Even Juhi Chawla pitches in as a playback singer for the film. Prashant Narayan has given his voice for the wicked vulture, which is fascinating.

The 2-hour movie is not only entertaining for kids but for adults for change who are bored of seeing big stars in theatres.