News|December 27, 2011 2:48 pm

‘Zilla Ghaziabad’ is not a biopic, says director

Sanjay Dutt and Arshad Warsi’s film ‘Zila Ghaziabad’ is given a stay to not release the film,

According to the widow of a late former Indian Army man who has approached the Delhi High Court seeking direction to stay the release of film ‘Zilla Ghaziabad’, alleging that its story wrongly portrayed her husband as a criminal,

Krishna Devi, in her petition Friday, alleged that the upcoming film was based on the life of her late husband Mahender Singh ‘Fauji’. She said she collected information on the film from internet.

Krishna Devi said,

The producer and director of the movie who claim to have based the character ‘Prakash Ghaziabad’ on Mahender Singh ‘Fauji’ have chosen to portray him as a notorious gangster hounded and killed by police,

Claiming that her husband joined the Indian Army in November 1965 and fought for the nation in the 1971 India-Pakistan war, Krishna Devi sought the court’s direction restraining the release of the movie without her prior consent.

She said, the reputation, life and personal liberty of her entire family was adversely affected by the negative projection of the life and death of her husband as a gangster from Ghaziabad,

According to Krishna Devi, her son’s classmates passed inappropriate comments regarding his late father and referred to him as the son of a criminal,

The petitioner said, The data found on the internet says,

All main characters are based on real-life characters. Arshad Warsi’s role (‘an absolute mean character’) is modelled on the outlaw Mahender Fauji,

The petition alleged that producer of the film did not consider it worthwhile to contact Krishna Devi, in order to seek true and correct information or facts before making the movie,

When contacted Anand Kumar, the director of the film, he said,

the claims normally become high when a film gets media hype. ‘Zilla Ghaziabad’ is not a biopic. It’s just a gangster film with a cop and two criminals.

it’s just a coincidence that Arshad Warsi’s name in the film is Fauji but it’s a modern story. When did Mahender Fauji used stylish cars and modern weapons. I again say that ‘Zilla Ghaziabad’ is a complete fiction film.”

When quizzed about the court case, the director said,”why didn’t the court give stay if the claim was correct.