News|July 24, 2012 10:39 am

Zayed Khan goes to Lucknow!

Zayed khan spent last Sunday in Lucknow, but not many came to know about his rather quiet visit.

Apparently, a group of Zayed’s friends had collected in the city and the actor came to visit them as well as try out Lucknow’s famed Tundey kebabs in Aminabad. Says Zayed’s manager Rajkumar Tiwari, who accompanied him on the visit,

It was a very personal visit for Zayed to Lucknow to meet a few friends. But yes, we did make sure we had enough time to stop a while at Tundey’s. Zayed had been hearing a lot about the eatery and wanted to make sure he tasted those kebabs from there. Kaafi bheed jamaa ho gayi thi when we reached there (Aminabad) but the management and the police were very supportive.