News|February 24, 2012 12:27 pm

Zarine walks out of Delhi’s wedding

Big moolah celebrations these days are now incomplete without Bollywood celebs, big or small (depending on the host’s budget) shaking their booty, but a party in Delhi on Wednesday night turned ugly as actress Zarine Khan walked out midway during her performance.

Apparently, one of the guests misbehaved with the actress during her performance, forcing her to leave the venue, even though she’d been paid 5 lakh to perform at the particular anniversary celebration at Tivoli Gardens in south Delhi.

A source present informs that Zarine was performing on stage, when one of the guests started showering a wad of 10,000 on her, and there were whistles with each 100 that was thrown on her.

Zarine objected strongly to the behaviour and stopped performing. The cancelled performance lead to a heated debate between the hosts, the event management firm and Zarine, with the actress refusing to return the money that she’d been paid. So, to settle matters, the event managers dialed for police assistance on 100, even as Zarine left for her hotel, while blaming the event managers for the fiasco.

A police official from the Vasant Kunj police station, who met with the event managers late on Wednesday evening, said,

Ek jhagde ki call aayi thi, but there was no physical violence. Zarine ka show tha Tivoli mei, where some guy showered money on her.

She became upset with the behaviour and stopped performing. When the event manager asked her to return the money since she hadn’t completed her act, she refused to do so, saying that it was his fault that the guest misbehaved. We couldn’t do anything there since there was no brawl. We told them that this should be dealt with as a civil suit; it’s not under police purview. If the event management firm thinks Zarine didn’t fulfil her commitment, they should file for a claim.”