News|June 27, 2010 8:21 pm

Yuvraj Anant rumored to be opposite Ayesha in Hamesha I Will Love You

Direct from the director Revathy S Varmha this is the news that Yuvraj Anant who was heard to be casted opposite Ayesha Takia will not be seen in the fillum ‘Hamesha I Will Love You’,

Director Revathy S Varmah her self has conveyed it to us saying,

This is Revathy S Varmha,(Director & Writer) this news is totally wrong and i am not casted any Yuvraj Anant in my film “Hamesha I Will Love You”. This boy Yuvaraj Anant and his PR person approached me for a role in this film and I refused in person as well as send a mail also in this regard. and in my film the hero is a bollywood actor only…it will announce when we officially announce it.
Revathy S Varmha.

Check out her comment here –Ayesha Takia opposite Yuvraj Anant in Revathy’s next ‘Hamesha I Will Love You’

Revathy Varmah has also twitted about the same saying,

I red a news.. That I sighnd a new boy in my nem movie oppo site Ayesha takia azmi.. Its totaly falls.. Am not sighnd any

Its tru that the boy cld yuvaraj anant aproched me for a role.. But i politly refuced..

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