News|June 3, 2010 10:33 pm

Writer: New Avatar of Sonam Kapoor

The secret of Sonam Kapoor revealed as she will be soon coming up with new Avtar. After playing romantic roles in movies, the beauty has desire of becoming a novelist like Jane Austin. Well, the desire will no more desire as the actress is secretly preparing to make her big launch as an author soon.

She has a concept ready to begin writing. Sonam loves the uncomplicated fairy romantic love stories more than modern lovey- dovey stories, which she felt were more complicated than earlier works of greats like Jane Austen. The actress says,

It’s definitely going to be a romantic novel as I have always loved this genre. I have a plot in mind and I’m toying with how to begin it. It has been one of my most cherished desires to become a writer and what better way to start with than the genre that I adore. I love fairy tale romances with happy endings. My book won’t be any different.”

When asked if the idea of writing a romantic novel took shape from her forthcoming movie I Hate Luv Stories, she says,

“Not at all! For years I’ve harboured this desire to write a novel dealing with romance. The romantic genre has always fascinated me.”

Talking about her choice of authors Sonam says,

“I like the classics more than the contemporary novels. Classics, though complex in their plot and treatment, have a beautiful simplicity where the characters shine through. I feel how you are living reflects in the writing of the age and today the characters are more complex and, at times, confused. I love Jane Austen and all her works like Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park and Emma. I feel they really stretched the mind and heart of a woman like no other. They have greatly inspired me and you can also say these novels were the ones that pushed me into writing.”