News|May 15, 2010 10:36 pm

Will There Be A Munnabhai 3 ?

Since 2004 two names Munnabhai and Circuit are famous amongst everyone, and expects these two names never fade away,

Infect many of them has used Gandhigiri and it has come in the news too, now after two continues epic movies, Munnabhai 3 is stuck somewhere,

Vidhu Vinod Chopra has promised the audiance that the third part will come soon, but where is it?, why is it making everyone wait so long?

It was about to release with the name ‘Munnabhai Chale Amrika’ long back, but what happened to it ?

Source said,

The movie is not been even written and no further measures are taken to carry the hit franchise forward.As far as Sanju Baba is concerned, the Munnabhai franchise is a way for him to stay alive.

But when asked to Sanjay Dutt the Munnabhai himself, he said,

It will be released in 2010 or mid 2011.

Actually the issue is with the production team, the team is suffering from a writer’s block, as we know their has been some issues because of having same script as My Name Is Khan, the team is working on the script again.

and now their is nothing exciting coming from Munnabhai team.

Hope the fillum hit the big screen as soon as possible.

Here is a look of Munnabhai Chale Amrika