News|August 27, 2011 12:08 am

Will Abhay miss Ek Chalis Ki Last Local once again ?

In the sequel era, even The Ek Chalis Ki Last Local director Sanjay Khanduri wants to make a sequel, for this he has not yet decided if the Lead actor will be Abhay Deol or someone else,

Sanjay Khanduri said,

I have just finished scripting, and I haven’t really sat down on the casting. So I can’t really say if Abhay will be part of the film.

Though Abhay was really excited when he first heard that Ek Chalis Ki Last Local will have a sequel, and Abhay was the first person to know about the sequel,

Source said,

It has been a few years since the first film and a lot has changed,

The sequel have the lead actor missing his flight and the lead lady missing her train like the original film, in the end both the lead actors story will be eventually connected, and that will be a twist from the original story.