News|September 15, 2009 10:28 pm

Why is Emraan’s director pissed at him?


The director of the latest Emraan Hashmi fillum, Kunal Deshmukh is aggravated. Emraan’s latest movie , Tum Mile’s music launch was scheduled on 16th September,  and to make it something different than the routine, it was supposed to have some visuals from the movie released at the event. However, actor Emraan, played a truant and released all those images on Twitter!
Kunal is visibly upset by all this and says Emraan has done it for his personal publicity. He is miffed that Emraan spoilt the whole marketing team’s idea and that now the music launch will be no different than any other movie’s.

However, when asked to throw some light on he matter, Emraan seemed oblivious to the fact that the visuals were meant to be released at the music launch, and further added that he shall seek Kunal and sort out the matter with him at the earliest  possible time.