News|March 23, 2011 4:52 pm

When ‘Agneepath’ shoot got cancled Priyanka took ‘Barfee’ on the floor

Karan Johar produced, Karan Malhotra Directed remake ‘Agneepath’ which was originally director by Mukul Anand in 1990 with Amitabh Bachchan in the lead role.

the Remake of the film will have have Hrithik and Priyanka as the lead pair.

For this Priyanka Chopra was excited to start the shoot but when she got to know at the last moment that the shooting was cancled because the shooting with the other actors that was going on from earlier went on longer than expected, she rushed to the director Anurag Basu of her next project ‘Barfee’ where she is playing the role of a mentally challenged girl, and requested to him to give her time to prepare for her character in the film.

Priyanka’s Business Manager said,

Yes, Priyanka’s shooting for ‘Agneepath’ got cancelled. But it was only because the shooting with the other actors that was going on from earlier went on longer than expected. Priyanka immediately got in touch with Anurag Basu and took the time to prepare for her part.

Source also said,

The last thing Priyanka’s choc-a-block schedules can withstand are last-minute cancellations. Priyanka is very particular about her commitments and expects the same level of commitment from others. Any cancellation puts her off. And this was her first stint of ‘Agneepath’. She was really looking forward to starting the shoot. But what to do? She took the cancellation in her stride.

Anurag was busy with other pre-production work. And tried to beg off. But Priyanka would hear none of it. She told Anurag this sudden space in her schedule was god-sent. She had not been able to prepare for ‘Barfee’ as much as she wanted to because of her tight schedules.

Priyanka would hear none of Anurag’s protestations. She just took over his time and insisted that they visit a couple of institutions for the mentally and physically challenged. She also got immersed in lengthy workshops and even convinced Ranbir Kapoor to join her. This week she and Anurag have been inseparable in giving authenticity to her character.