News|April 6, 2010 4:32 pm

What’s So Special about Phoonk2 House ?

The bungalow used in the RGV’s fillum Phook 2 is not just another bungalow used in ever other movie, its our very own Mandira Bedi and her husband Raj Kaushal’s bungalow, its owned by them.

The phoonk team found the bungalow perfect for the fillum because of its location and interior is the way they wanted, Mandira bedi who has been into Cricket and other TV shows now a days, is not being seen much on Big Screen, her recent movies were Shadi Ke Laddoo & Meerabai Not Out which didnt do well, may be that is the reason she doesn’t want to concentrate on movies, if not on screen then off screen, Mandira we will surly be attached to Bollywood fillums.

for now, if you want to see how the bungalow looks, watch Phoonk 2, the release is on 16th April.