News|February 4, 2012 4:56 pm

Vivek Oberoi all set to strip in Delhi

Vivek Oberoi is all set to hot up the weather in the Capital. The actor will arrive in Delhi next week to shoot for his next, Amit Chandrra’s Kismat Luv Paisa Dilli with Mallika Sherawat, and strip down to his boxers during the shoot.

In one of the first scenes to be shot in the city, VO will get down to his boxers in full public view. Says a unit member, “Due to a series of crazy unpredictable events through the night, Vivek’s character has to strip to save his life. He will be stripping all the way down to his boxers.”

The source adds that everyone in the team is worried about the actor as the scene will be shot late night in the cold.

The scene has to be shot during the night in an open ground with a capacity of almost 5,000 people. It’s very cold in Delhi, and it gets worse in the night.

says the source.

Oberoi has not done such a scene before and thus, he has worked very hard on his body to look every bit the Delhi boy that he plays in the film. “He also stayed with Punjabi families to get into his character. Vivek would stay with his family in Gurgaon instead of a hotel. The film, directed by Sanjay Khanduri, will be shot in the capital over the next month. Vivek and Mallika will also shoot in Buddha Garden and aboard Delhi Metro.