News|May 7, 2010 12:19 am

Vivek Locks Himself to Avoid Encounter with Salman

Everybody knows in Bollywood that Salman-Vivek’s far-famed fight relationship, and everybody is aware about Salman’s moody character when it comes to media. But strangely, Vivek showed his weird and awkward character by locking himself in the Vanity car when he heard that Salman Khan was in premises of the function.

After finishing his performance for a show, Vivek Oberoi  went to change in his vanity van to leave for party with his friends, but when he heard about Salman’s presence in the function, Vivek locked himself in the van for 75 minutes, instead of interacting with Salman.

Vivek was passing his time by counting minutes on his clock. We are not surprised that Vivek has been trying to keep away from the moody Salman. Repeated attempts to apologise have failed, so naturally he expects a confrontation when they come face to face.