News|May 31, 2010 11:27 pm

Vir Das: Love to do Villain Role

After working in Badmash Company, Vir Das, who is known for stand-up comedy acts, now want to do some villain kind roles in near future. Speaking about giving hit flick, Badmash Company, Vir says, he is bit confused with his current hit movie.

Vir, feels that his life has taken completely turn-around after acting in Badmash Company (BD) as his role struck the right rapport with the audiences. He says,

“The success, the adulation is yet to hit me. For any guy to do a Yash Raj film is like a dream come true and now the movie has turned out to be a hit, and all this has come so unexpectedly that it has yet to fully hit me.”

“I went into BD because Chandu, my character is young and very commercial. Owing to my image, people expected me to do a lot of comedy in this movie, but Chandu is very serious in the second half, so people were in for a surprise,” says Vir, further adding, “All of a sudden people were like, ‘Okay, he can do serious stuff too,’ because all my appreciation for the movie has come for the serious part that I have done.”

“It’s been close to two years now, but honestly I don’t know where the time has gone. I know I looked a little bit younger in Mumbai Salsa, but it still feels that Mumbai Salsa was yesterday and BD is today, maybe my dark circles have increased a little.”

Vir is working with Aamir Khan’ next flick, Delhi Belly, and Tanuja Chandra’s next. On his future role, Vir said,

“I would love to do a villains’ role. I’ve always wanted to do some dark roles, where I can play a character that is extremely psychotic and mentally disturbed. Hopefully in 2011, I’m going to get to play such a role. I can’t tell you about the film yet as it hasn’t been officially announced, but I can tell you this much that I get to do something very dark in this movie and I’m looking forward to it.”

Taking more on TV show, he politely denies, and says,

“Not at all. I believe in maintaining a healthy balance between stand up acts and movies, and I will take up only those film projects that will help me get out of my comfort zone, as doing one film means giving up at least 80 to 90 TV shows.”