News|August 5, 2010 11:45 pm

Vintage Car: Second Home for Ranbir, Priyanka

Can you imagine Vintage Car as a home of Priyanka Chopra? Yes, that’s true, I am talking about Sajid Nadiadwala’s forthcoming film, Anjana-Anjani, in which Priyanka stays in Vintage Car most the time. The plush red vintage car gets dirty after every alternative day of shooting.

The car has been specially designed for the film. When you guys will watch the film you will realize that the car is second home for Priyanka-Ranbir. Prianka has named the car as Blush in the flick. And Ranbir has created a special junk food section in the car. Priyanka used to play her i-Pod and speakers and the two actors apparently spent most of their time here. A source says,

The car plays a very important role in the movie and many scenes have been shot inside it. It was previously called Sunflower (because the car appears yellow to colour-blind individuals?) but no one on the sets liked the name.

The car, Blush, became an integral part of Priyanka Chopra and Ranbir Kapoor’s lives in Anjaana Anjaani,

After shooting also the car plays vital role in their shooting-life. The two actors treat their special car as human being and most of the crewmembers also joined them. Amazing part is that the two actors have taken special efforts to clean and decorate their Blush.

Siddarth Anand, the director of the film, also confirmed the news,

Yes it is true. It’s a vintage car and is called Blush. It belongs to Priyanka’s character and it had to go with her emotions. Priyanka spends most of her time in the car and she hangs her clothes and tooth brush in it too.

The car plays the third character in the film and that’s why I have used it in the film posters too. Since the car is supposed to be really messy in the film both Ranbir and Priyanka had fun trashing it further. The car travelled from New York to Las Vegas and then to San Francisco. Fortunately, it did not break down.

Apparently Priyanka keeps her toothbrush in car, whereas Ranbir keeps his books. Jokingly Siddharth also added,

Only after making all these additions did the two actors feel comfortable in the car.