News|May 3, 2012 5:22 pm

Vikram Bhatt using new ways of Promotions

Marketing and Promoting a movie in these days can be a very tough task and almost all the directors and producers are adopting new and new ways to propagate their movies.

Similarly Vikram Bhatt has decided to take different route and will release a 6 minutes clip of the movie Dangerous Ishhq instead of releasing a 30 seconds promo.

Vikram Bhatt says that a 30 seconds promo won’t be able to do justice with the central theme of the movie and hence a 6 minutes clip is the new way.

Also, the movie Dangerous Ishhq is a comeback vehicle for Karishma Kapoor and the movie features Karishma’s role as a supermodel who experiences past life regressions and tries to solve her present life problems.

A 6 minutes clip will be released on May 6th and will show the process of going in the past life regression and will help people understand the central theme of the movie.