News|January 28, 2011 10:58 pm

Vikram Bhatt Back in Bhatt Camp

After a gap of seven years, Mahesh Bhatt, Mukesh Bhatt and Vikram Bhatt are back again together. Bothers have decided to make a third sequel of Raaz. Raaz 3 is expected to go on floors after a couple of months.

After making Raaz in 2002, Vikram worked on a couple of other films and drifted away from the Bhatt camp. A source says,

“Vikram has been associated with Mahesh Bhatt since 1989. He assisted Bhatt saab in many films and after that he made his debut as a director with Janam (1992). Post that Vikram directed close to seven more films for the Bhatt camp. Amongst these were Ghulam, Fareb, Kasoor, Dastak, Footpath and Raaz. However, after Inteha (2004), which marked the debut of Ashmit Patel, Vikram left the Bhatt camp and started making films outside Vishesh Films. No one was aware about the problems between Vikram and his mentors but the relationship got so strained that they did not speak to each other for more than five years. Finally, they met at a party in 2009 and ended the cold war.”

Finally, when Mahesh Bhatt offered a film to Vikram Bhatt, he could not able to turn him down. Vikram also confirmed the news,

“Yes, I am making the film with Emraan (Hashmi) in it. But it is too early, as we are still working on it.”

Speaking about directing for the Bhatt camp after a long gap, Vikram added,

“I don’t know why we drifted apart. It is not as if I am leaving my company (ASA Films). But I feel that I should give back and stop taking. As far as Bhatt saab and Mukeshji are concerned, there is not enough that I can give back. I owe them a lot and I am happy that I am in a space in my career that I can give them back.”

An equally emotional Mahesh Bhatt said,

“It is a long walk back home. Vikram had to go through his journey. He started it with us but it will be an illusion to say that I was his destination. I think his destination is far beyond me or anybody else. He went away and after being on his own he felt the need to connect again with my company, my brother and me. But this Vikram is much richer, much wiser, a litter fatter, a little lonelier but with an upheld passion to correct what he called the wrong.”