News|November 28, 2011 1:13 pm

Vidya becomes demanding

According to the news around, Vidya Balan after her upcoming film ‘The Dirty Picture’ and its ever increasing hype has also hyped her demands from the filmmaker,

Vidya is signed to work with Farhan Akhta in a film ftogether titled ‘Shaadi Ke Side Effects’ the sequel of ‘Pyaar Ke Side Effects’,

Sources says that Vidya is asking more amount than the co-star Farhan ,

Source said,

Farhan’s dates and remuneration have still to be worked out. But the catch is that Vidya is asking for more money. Especially since her forthcoming film. The Dirty Picture, which revlves around her character, has generated high buz. So it remains to be seen whether Farhan is agreeble to that,

Abut the film Shaadi Ke Side Effects, Source said,

This time it’s a brand new story about how things changes after qa couple madly in love with each other, gets married. Farhan and Vidya who have never been casst together before will make the concept more interesting. But certain things need to be worked out first to sighn them on.