News|November 30, 2011 3:57 pm

Vidya Balan: Naseer made me feel comfortable

Vidya Balan playing Silk Smitha in December release ‘The Dirty Picture’, opposite Naseeruddin Shah along with other male actors, says that the age difference between both Naseeruddin Shah and hersself did not matter for her while shooting intimate scenes even as she asserted that the movie is not porn.

Vidya is all praise for Naseeruddin Shah,

The age difference did not matter much with him (Naseeruddin Shah). When you face an actor like Naseeruddin, he can make you believe in anything. He is a brilliant actor.

And I have worked with Naseer saheb earlier. He is one of the living legends. You feel absolutely comfortable, I was not at all uncomfortable,

In such scenes, we made sure few people are there on sets. I knew it was required for the story to go ahead…it was part of the script,

Vidya Balan has worked with Naseeruddin Shah in Vishal Bharadwaj’s ‘Ishqiya’ also,

Vidya said,it was heart warming, especially while shooting ‘Ooh La La’ song. When we were dancing in the midst of oranges it was hilarious. We were laughing like mad, dancing between pots, posing like old sculptures. We had to roll down a slope.

It is not easy, more than hurt, I couldn’t control my laughter.

Vidya has always quoted that ‘The Dirty Picture’ is not a porn,

It is not a porn film. When you see it you will realise that the flick is not only about her (Silk Smitha’s) body and clothes, it is far beyond that. It is an adult film and children must not see it. I feel children are today exposed to more vulgar things on the internet. Today everything is open. One needs to bring sense of responsibility in children,

The film has been exhausting for Vidya balan, she said,

There were days when I had gone through seven to eight costume changes, make-up, hairdo. Not only emotionally, but physically also this film has been exhausting and draining. It was also exhilarating, because you will get the opportunity to do all these things only in such a film,

Vidya has always played different roles in every film she has done, and she is happy playing variety of roles.

On one hand, I am playing a 14-year-old’s mother, on the other hand I am a temptress, a de-glam real life-based character Sabrina Lal and now I am playing Silk. I like this variety. I am grateful that I am getting chance to play different people, not just Vidya Balan again and again.