News|April 20, 2012 11:44 am

‘Vicky Donor’ is a hygienic film: Shoojit Sircar

Right from the sperm that’s shown on the film – Vicky Donor’s poster – to the film’s content itself, Shoojit Sircar is sure that the time’s right to make this film.

He says,

It was an idea floated to me by a girl and I thought if a girl can speak about sperm donation so freely, maybe India’s ready for a film on it! Also, my idea was to make a watchable and hygienic film so there are lots of hilarious moments. There are serious issues spoekn about also, but they are treated in a sensitive manner. Nowhere will you feel that we are titillating the audience!

Speaking about the concept of infertility, Shoojit says,

It’s an issue and was always discussed in closed doors. However, the advancement of science has shown that issues like this can be dealt with and I thought if I am making a film, why not make one with a progressive subject! After all content defines a film and I wanted to my content to be strong and different. It couldn’t get more different than this! We’ve spoken to doctors, couples and made the film as credible as possible and yet tried to make it fun so that a positive message goes to the audience.