News|October 9, 2010 8:21 am

Udita Goswami Denies Rumors of Marriage

Few days back, director Mohit Suri reported that if his film, Crook will be successful in box-office, he will marry actress Udita Goswami, but strangely actress denied all such reports.

Denying all such rumors, Udita says that is has no such plan. The actress says,

“It was really silly for something like this to come out. I am not getting married in near future.”

The 26-year-old star says she even asked Suri whether he had made any such announcement and he denied it. Udita says,

“He (Suri) was asked if there was something happening between him and Udita. What could he have possibly replied? The world knows that we have been together for so many years now. All he did was smile.”

“Next day morning, he woke up to the news that he would marry me once ‘Crook’ becomes a hit.”

“I have my professional career sorted out for at least a couple of years from now. I wish Mohit and his team all the best for ‘Crook’ but the film’s success won’t quite have a bearing on our relationship.”

Well, though last few films of Udita have not been successful, but that doesn’t mean that she settles down and marry.