News|July 22, 2010 3:50 pm

Udaan debut Rajat Barmecha on his Experience for his debut film

Rajat Barmecha was interviewed after the success of his debut fillum Udaan, here is Rajat expressing himself and his experiences at the time of making Udaan.

I was offered two movies, both non-commercial. But I didn’t want to take them up. I want to do commercial Bollywood movies at nice locations and with nice clothes, but I know I have just started my career. There is still a long way to go, so I don`t want to be choosy about my projects.

I don’t have any specific director with whom I want to work with. I just want to do good roles and I won`t mind working with new directors.

I didn’t know what I wanted to be in life. I came to Mumbai for a jewellery designing course, which I gave up in just 15 days. Then I started modelling and one fine day I got a call for the auditions of ‘Udaan’.

Vikramaditya hated my auditions. He said it was very bad. But when he met me personally, he saw the real Rajat and that is when he told me he wanted a natural actor and not a forced one.

How did Rajat got selected ? from any acting school ?

No, but Vikramaditya arranged a seven-day workshop to make me more comfortable with my character Rohan. Also, he gave me a lot of DVDs and books to read. Movies I watched, but books I never touched. I don’t like reading at all.

We landed in that city on July 5 last year and till July 19, I was deprived of a mobile phone , I call it my lifeline. I used to get it only for half an hour to speak to my family. In fact, I was living in complete isolation. It was a very tough time for me because I had never lived under such restrictions.

But the loneliness and isolation helped me a lot in getting close to the character. While shooting, I didn’t realise this, but today when I look back, I feel that was the best way to do it and make me understand my character. It was the best acting lesson one can ever get.

I am not at all introvert like my character. I can talk, talk and talk… I have never lived in a boarding school, neither do I have a strict dad. So I am completely opposite to him  and I do not want to be a writer at all as I hardly read.

Udaan was selected for the Un Certain Regard category at the 63rd Cannes International Film Festival this year and

Rajat says it’s the best Bollywood debut one can ever have.

How was the experience walking on Red Carpet ?,

Walking the red carpet was a dream for Vikramaditya and me. We were just looking at each other and smiling because it was something we had not expected. People giving a standing ovation and clapping, it is a dream debut for both of us.

How famous has Rajat become after the debut movie?,

This is a very positive thing. If this movie had been a disaster, I would not have been noticed and people would have dismissed me. But appreciation keeps you grounded and pushes you to work hard.