News, TV|August 17, 2010 9:41 pm

TV Serial, Khichdi Goes Big Screen

This will be first time in Indian Cinema and Indian Television history that that any serial will be transformed into the movie. Khichdi is one of most popular serials on the small-screen, which is now going to be transformed into the movie. Fox Star Studios will be releasing the big screen version on October 1.

Buzz up is that talented and veteran actors, including  Anang Desai, Amit Varma, Dina Pathak, Ami Trivedi, Arya Rawal, Rajiv Mehta, Kamlesh Oza, Dipesh Shah, Narahari Jani, Pratima T., Supriya Pathak-Kapur, Richa Bhadra, Yash Mittal, Sweety Nayak, and Vandana Pathak will be part of the flick. The sitcom on Star Plus was produced by Hats Off productions and was directed by Aatish Kapadia. Vijay Singh, CEO of the production house, said,

“We are very excited about the research feedback from the audiences that have seen Khichdi — The Movie. Audiences loved the saaf suthri comedy and found it to be funnier than most recent comedy films. They are looking for new experiences and let’s face it, there are very few good clean comedy films that one can go and watch with the entire family… that’s the promise of this movie.”

Producer J. D. Majethia also stated,

“The TV serial changed the grammar of comedy. Viewers were enjoying watching it again and again and we are sure that the movie will create the same magic on the big screen and hopefully redefine comedy in Indian cinema.”

Hope that the Parekh family will now trying to fulfill some ridiculous tasks through a series of amusing situations.